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Hello everyone and welcome to Seeing Two Sides. The idea was totally original, meaning I didn't copy anything from a book or story (at least I hope not!). I was just sitting around one day and as an avid writer my brain is always buzzing with new stories. Ones that I usually don't finish! But this idea struck home with me. I really REALLY loved it. I wrote out the plot and everything, but I soon forgot about it and there it lay, in my crowded documents on my computer. But destiny was with it I suppose, because months later I dusted it off and smiled as I read it. It just so happened I was wondering what new RPG I could make the day I found it. So my idea formed once more, and here it is! Seeing Two Sides! Probably my best work yet if I do say so myself. Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoys hanging out around here!


-By The Admin.